Trout Fishing

Kenai River Trophy Trout Fishing June 11th-October
The Kenai River can host some of the most spectacular rainbow trout fishing in the world. Every year, millions of salmon return to the Kenai, to complete the final stages of their life cycle, thus creating what can be described as an incredible food source for its resident trout, and dolly varden (char). As these salmon spawn they release millions of eggs, many of which get swept away in the strong currents. This provides an easy and high protein diet, that is essential in providing the fat reserves, and energy that is needed to make it through the long lean winter months. After spawning, the salmon soon die, and begin to litter the banks with their rotting flesh. This washes back into the stream, and provides another abundant food source that is high in protein. With these two abundant food sources filling the Kenai every fall, it should be no surprise that the Kenai River is able to produce Rainbow Trout that tip the scales at over twenty pounds. A trip to the Kenai can be a world class dream trip for both the light tackle and fly-fishing enthusiast, or just about anybody who wants to see what else the beautiful Kenai River has to offer. Bending Branches Guide Service offers several options when it comes to trout fishing as this is our specialty. We offer fishing trips on three sections of the Kenai River, as well as walk-in trips throughout the Kenai Peninsula.
Upper Kenai River Full day only 8-10 hours.
River Mile 82, is where it all begins. Beginning its flow out of Kenai Lake, the river runs seventeen miles over some of the most prime salmon spawning real-estate on the entire Kenai River, before emptying into Skilak Lake. With its gravel bars, braids, and back channels, the Upper Kenai River is home to some of the best fly-fishing the state of Alaska has to offer. Fish in this section average 16-20 inches, with fish commonly caught in the 21-29 inch range. Much of this section of river is part of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Due to a limited amount of permits available on the Upper Kenai, we are only able fish the entire upper section three times a year. Subsequently, those trips are at a premium and are first come first serve. We recommend that you book early! These trips include floating the beautiful Kenai Canyon, with a hot lunch provided stream side. We are able, to fish the first eight miles of the Upper river on a daily basis, and those trips are usually half day (5-6 hours).
Upper Kenai River Canyon  Full day only 8-10 hours.
The Kenai River canyon is the wildest and most remote section of the river. It runs through the last three miles of the upper river. before flowing into Skilak Lake. This section provides breath taking scenery, exciting white water runs, and some of the most amazing fishing that the Kenai has to offer. This is were the big fish live! Again, this section of river is part of a Federal Wildlife Refuge. Due to a restricted amount of permits, we are only able to offer three trips per year. This trip requires a six mile trip across Skilak Lake, and may be delayed or canceled, due to uncontrollable weather.

Middle Kenai River Full day only 8-10 hours.
Beginning its flow out of Skilak Lake, this section of river is known to consistently produce some of the largest rainbow trout, and dolly varden in the state of Alaska. Dozens of trout, in the ten to twenty pound class are caught every season. A few tip the scales at 26 pounds or better. This wide and deep section of river has tons of structure and miles of prime spawning habitat, which  makes it home to some of the biggest trout in the world. This fishery is primarily a boat fishery, with little or no wading involved. It is highly recommended for experienced light tackle and fly-fishermen searching for that trip of a lifetime. Due to uncontrollable weather on Skilak Lake, trips may be canceled or delayed.
Kenai Peninsula Hike-in Fishing Full day 8-9 hours.
We offer guided hike-in fishing trips on many of the rivers and streams throughout the Kenai Peninsula. On theses trips you can expect to fish for rainbow trout, dolly varden, and fall steelhead, as well as salmon. During certain times of the year, this can be one of the more action packed trips that we offer. Please note, that all hike-in fishing trips may require hiking up to one mile or more, and require wading through fast moving water.

Russian River June 15-October
Beginning high in the Kenai Mountains, flowing out of the Upper Russian Lake, the Russian River travels thirteen miles before merging with the Kenai River. The Russian's gin clear waters provide an exceptional sight, and dry fly fishery for rainbow trout throughout the summer. This river opens for fishing on June 15th. The Russian River is also host to two hundred thousand spawning salmon every year, which creates a massive egg and flesh bite. This can only be described as legendary.

Quartz Creek July 20th-August
Quartz Creek is a clear, slow moving stream that originates in the Kenai Mountains, and spills into Kenai Lake. Come August, Quartz Creek fills with spawning sockeye and king salmon. Following close behind are thousands of dolly varden, eager to chomp on anything that resembles one of thousands of salmon eggs drifting freely in the current. This is the perfect trip for both beginners, and those who wish to catch fish non-stop all day long. Careful on that next cast, there may be a rainbow trout or two lurking in the depths, waiting for the perfect cast! We also offer hike-in fly-fishing for steelhead, sea run dolly varden, and silver salmon on Deep Creek and the Anchor River. For more info on these trips please contact us.